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Crown Cannabis is a proudly Canadian owned and operated brand.

In addition to developing quality cannabis accessories, Crown Cannabis Canada also has an emerging cannabis cultivation wing centered on utilizing vertical farming techniques growing small single flower plants that produce large high-quality “crown buds”.

Our brand is helping to elevate the image, the experience, and the discourse broadly associated with cannabis. Our products are made with high-quality materials, stylish designs, and discrete branding for the mature and sophisticated consumer.


Crown Cannabis is dedicated to social and environmental responsibility.

As such, we are committed to living wages and ethical trade.

We are further implementing solutions to minimize the ecological impact of our operations, particularly through our use of water and energy.

In order to help reduce the broader impact of our products, we are also taking immediate steps to:

  • Limit the size and amount of packaging to reduce overall materials usage;

  • Eliminate single-use plastics and replacing them with recyclable and renewable natural fibre-based materials; and

  • Reduce the use of chemicals and overall footprint by using unbleached materials, natural inks, and recycled or renewable components.

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To create high-quality cannabis products while advancing research and development, investing in knowledge sharing and consumer education around the world. We believe in being socially responsible and are committed to taking a do no harm approach in our operations.


Our mission is to become a premier cannabis brand through a reputation of excellence in our ability to: 


  • Produce the finest quality cannabis and generate true value for money;

  • Maintain quality craftsmanship and quality assurance;

  • Advance world-class research and development for medicinal and recreational purposes;

  • Preserve heirloom strains, and develop new exclusive strains; and

  • Innovate cultivation approaches, that are sophisticated & sustainable.


We value being environmentally responsible and are committed to working hard to minimize any adverse impact to the environment resulting from our business activities. The mantra 'Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle' is a primary consideration in all of out activities.

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